Mailing list

On our public mailing list bern [at] interested people talk about chaos-related topics. You can subscribe to it via the web interface.

  • Mailing list: bern[at]
  • Web interface: Postorius


We also operate our own XMPP / Jabber Chat server where chat protocols and meta data is neither collected nor saved. More informations can be found on the jabber site.

  • Domains:,,
  • Jabber-Server:
  • Port: 5222 (STARTTLS)
  • Conference:
  • Proxy:
  • STUN: (still untested)
  • Registration:



Our prefered chat runs on our XMPP server.

  • Server:
  • Room: chaostreffbern
  • Room JID:


Alternatively, we have an IRC room. For connection details, plese see the online documentation.

  • Server:
  • Port (SSL): 6601
  • Channel: #bern


Those wanting to contribute to one of our projects as well as those wanting to start their own, can create an account and request access to the group chaostreffbern via the webinterface.