Looking back at the open hackspace day 2024

by vimja on 2024-03-05

Last Saturday, the 2nd of March 2024, the Open Hackerspace Day took place.

We were open from 9 o'clock. We had our first visitor about an hour later. After that, it got pretty busy until around 4 in the afternoon.

Many people came to visit us for the first time. We had the opportunity to make new acquaintances and hear interesting stories.

Later in the afternoon, the flow of visitors slowed down a bit. Additionally, many of the people who visited later in the day had been here before at least once or twice. This left some time for us to hack and work on our own projects.

In total, around 20 people visited us. We are satisfied with the day and are looking forward to the next open day in 2025.

For anyone who missed the open day, here's a reminder that we open our space to the general public every Tuesday evening from 19h.